One of the highest mountains in Alberta and one hell of a mountain adventure.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



One challenge is getting a parking spot at Moraine lake.

Once you accomplish that, you can head on past Moraine lake and up towards Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass.

It is a climb up but very straight forward and quick.

You can make good time heading to Larch Valley.

As you cross the lake and climb Sentinel Pass, it will be more rocky, but it is well defined trail.

Take a break and enjoy the view as it might not last long.

After your snack break, prepare to climb up Temple.

A helmet is highly recommended for falling debris.

This is where paying attention and navigating correctly is key.

You do not want to get sucked into going far right as you will get yourself into some spicy terrain.

You will feel like you want to snake back and forth from the left and through the scree and pancake rocks.

It is very loose and fragile rock as you head up.

It is a grind with lots of elevation.

Weather can come in at any time, so be prepared.

You might see some snow or ice, so also prepare with microspikes or crampons.

Hopefully, you have a great view and can see Moraine lake from way up there.

Going down will be hard as well, with fragile footing.