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It is often said that Sainte Foy feels more like British Columbia than the French Alps thanks to its rolling, varied terrain and widely-spaced trees.

Crystal Dark is a prime example and a real treat. Another of Sainte Foy's Natur'ide areas, Crystal Dark has something to suit every off-piste rider.

The main route, accessed by turning left off L'Aiguille piste at the earliest opportunity after the hairpin, involves a longish traverse across the upper bowl staying high and left before reaching the shoulder.

The route then rolls over into a steeper pitch down the fall line, which can get quite mogulled if there is no recent fresh snow, bearing right to join the Creux de Formeïan piste. Those that fancy a more technical challenge can follow the route closer to the chairlift where the slope ends abruptly in a rock face punctuated by a choice of chutes shaped as an X, a Y and a Z.

Scope you line on the way up the chair and choose your poison (wisely)! Stick a nice line down one of these and the peanut gallery on the chairs will erupt in appreciation (although, being Sainte Foy there probably isn't anyone else on them)!