Short and sweet but certainly the most fun 100 metre section you will do for a while.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This section- (you cant quite call it a run, as it simply isnt long enough) should be one you do with a playful spirit; see it as a chance to nurture your inner child.

Head up the Pra Neyron chair lift and exit to the right.

There you will see blue run 6.

Head down for 200 metres and upon reaching the intersection when you could head left to black 8 or continue right- bang on the corner on the right you have an entrance into the forest which is clearly marked with whimsical carvings on the trees and small smurf figurines.

If you had not figured it out already then this is bound to give it away - this run is built for kids.

A forest assault course which can be enjoyed by big kids and REALLY BIG KIDS alike.

There are a few options once you enter into the forest but the variety of paths will take you over mounds, moguls and small jumps.

There are tightly spaced trees so manage your speed.

If you stick right you can carry the run on for longer and wind through the trees to a small 2- 3 metre wall to jump off.

You can do this run from the start to the end of season too; this side of the mountain holds the snow well.

This run in trees is best done early early or really late, this way you can bomb through with your friend and have a good laugh!