Hike up a gorgeous mountain valley along a rushing stream.


5 - 6









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Green’s Creek is a local sleeper hit of a hike that’s often overlooked.

This beautiful trail follows a rushing mountain stream up a gorgeous valley filled with aspens and towering pine trees.

Occasional meadows offer stunning views of the peaks soaring overhead! This hike is a prime choice during peak fall colors.

The singletrack traverses through several massive groves of aspen trees whose leaves simultaneously turn a beautiful gold.

Keep an eye on the mountainside from afar during late September and the beginning of October, and try to catch the leaves when they’re at their peak! One reason Green’s Creek doesn’t get absolutely mobbed by hikers is that this trail is one of the most popular motorcycle and mountain bike routes in the region.

While the moto riders and mountain bikers are generally respectful, hikers can expect to encounter heavy moto and bike traffic, especially on the weekend. The dirt bike traffic also leads to a very rough trail tread.

As you climb and descend this out-and-back trail, you can expect to traverse sections of loose rocks and dirt, big boulders, and sections of muddy, wet singletrack. One key reason Green’s Creek _does_ receive quite a bit of hiker traffic is that due to the relatively low elevation start of the singletrack, not too far off the valley floor, the lower sections of the trail dry out relatively early in the spring and stay hikeable relatively late in the fall.

Even if you can’t make it all the way up to the Continental Divide, completing a shorter out-and-back hike on Green’s Creek is still a rewarding experience.

And as an added bonus, if the top of the trail is closed by snow, chances are you’ll have this beautiful mountain valley all to yourself!