Technical, exposed Freeride World Qualifiers face offering a proper steep skiing examination









FATMAP difficulty grade



Hike for 30 minutes up towards the summit of Foglietta to reach a large cross from where you can enjoy a great view over Sainte Foy and the Tarentaise valley.

This is the starting point to the west face of Foglietta.

This is a venue for a Freeride World Qualifying event, which should tell you a little bit about the type of challenges you can expect to encounter.

Steep couloirs, blind rollovers, cliffs...

they're all here, so be extra sure of snow conditions before tackling this face. On your way up, a detour via the Marquise chair and Grand Solliet piste is well worth it to scope all of the possible lines from the bottom, mindful of the fact that they'll look very different from the top! There are four main couloirs that connect the steep upper section with the wide open slopes above the Plan des Veaux and Grand Solliet pistes.

Two straight down the fall line from the cross, two more accessed by traversing skier's right.

Depending on snow conditions, there may be tight chokes or even mandatory airs to negotiate.

All in all, a face only to be tackled by expert skiers comfortable on steep, committing terrain.