The all-time badass men's downhill race course that Bode says is the BEST









Screech! Ca-hah! Yeehah! Are all bird cries (minus the last one, which is a Texan straight-lining in jeans) that you might hear going down the most recognized trail on the mountain.

Every year the World Cup is hosted on this intimidating slope and Bode Miller himself has stated this is the most challenging (and fun) race course in the circuit (overheard on a shuttle bus).

The Birds of Prey course is actually an intermediate pitch that leads into the steep incline of Golden Eagle.

If you get scared, veer right and head towards Solitude. The extreme vertical on this face is also the reason why people love the Beav on a powder day.

It is also the longest advance run on the mtn.

There is nothing like the feeling of rising off the lip atop Golden Eagle, having your stomach sink while your body sinks into prosecco powder (not the “Steamy” champagne).

Your 3 turns will take you far down this steep pitch and will even out around the pumphouse.

Then let your hips drop and crank those GS turns around the course bends and tree islands.

At the confluence with Screech Owl, the run will start to get more crowded so ease up and give your legs a break.

Unlike other steep runs, Golden Eagle is groomed and has bump features on the shoulders.