This run keeps you on your toes and is more interesting than Ostafa 2 resulting in intermediates heaven.









Ostafa 1 or C4 is a pretty standard red run in Italy, the Italians don't do anything simply, they like to complicate things unnecessarily; that is part of their charm of course.

That must be the reason why they didn't make this run a simple straight down kind-of-a deal.

In two separate parts of the run, around 400m apart you will find yourself at interlocking sections.

However do not be alarmed as they join back into the main body of the run after a couple of hundred meters.

This could be thought as a more exciting and interesting aspect of the run, which means as in intermediate, you wont mind doing the run a few times to get you feeling on top of the world! This run is a little steep in parts but nothing a confident person couldn't handle with ease.

It can get a little icey and busy also during January and Febuary.

This run brings you back to the top of the Champoluc Crest cable car which then links on to the C1/ Del Bosco route back into town.