If you're running out of steep lines in the Wasatch to scare yourself on then the Firing Squad on Dromedary Peak is a must do!


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To approach the Firing Squad park at the "S Curves" in Big Cottonwood Canyon and hike up the road along the creek to the Mill B trailhead.

From here follow the summer trail up the drainage through the aspens on the E side of the creek.

This trail sees lots of traffic so it's most likely a well trodden path at least up until the lakes.

From the lakes you'll want to head SW up the undulating rolling hills until you reach the upper basin.

Once there you should be able to see the peak and wind your way through the cliffs and benches that lead to the peak.

This is a large avalanche prone slope so make sure conditions are solid.

Gain the summit and find your way into the line.

From the top of the majestic Dromedary Peak you'll work your way down the hanging snowfield to the northeast.

Keep an eye out for the ramp that will open up on skiers left.

Traverse left onto the steep ramp and continue angling across the mountain.

The wind can create large ribs and drifts that need to be side stepped up and over, just be sure not to look down! The ramp will dump you out onto a nice steep apron finish.

Now look back up at your line and ask why the hell did I do that! An ice axe might be a recommended tool for the job.