Headwall Glades offers some of Crested Buttes best, steep, tree skiing for advanced/expert skiers and riders.









Headwall Glades forms the skier's left hand boundary of the Headwall with some really impressive tree skiing over steep terrain with some options for natural airs.

After skiing the Halfpipe or Upper Triangle in Headwall from the top of the High Lift, or traversing from the High Lift mid-station, the Headwall Glades have a double black diamond trail sign that marks one section of where the area starts.

Traverse from the bottom of the Halfpipe under the Upper Triangle of Headwall really marks where the glades start.

The left side of Headwall Glades as an area known as Sunny Glade before some tight trees that starts at the bottom of the Halfpipe.

You can ski a tree chute with some rocks in it on average snow years if you continue on the traverse before Powder 8 Gully starts or you can ski some thicker trees to the left of that chute that open up just a little bit below Sunny Glade as both of those options merge as they hit the bottom of Headwall.

This area is for expert skiers and riders only as a fall with speed will likely lead to collisions with trees and rocks.