Lower angle advanced off piste terrain, skiers left of Hawkeye









FATMAP difficulty grade



Guardsman Glade is an unmarked piece of terrain between Bandana and Hawkeye.

Skiers who follow the Ruby Express lift line will find gentle black terrain, moguls and widely spaced trees.

There is a small rock garden to be aware of as the terrain steepens shortly after entering.

Staying left offers lower angle terrain, while going right gives skiers a chance to test their skills on more challenging features.

Going further right offers less tracked conditions, and often fresh turns, but very tight tree spacing.

There are two exists.

The first is to stay right at the power lines, and traverse out to Hawkeye.

The second exit can be found by skiing to the bottom of the glade to the rope line, and following a worn bumpy narrow path to the right, again to Hawkeye.

Guardsman Glade is a great introduction to unmarked off piste conditions.

The slope is lower angle, and the moguls, when formed, tend to be less intimidating than more challenging black diamond runs.

Skiers should be comfortable with mellower advanced terrain, moguls, trees, and navigating unmarked obstacles.