Long blue run in the outer corner of the resort where some hidden gems can be find.









The slope is accessible by two lifts, the Wasserkar and Heidebahn lift.

When exiting the Wasserkar turn left where the 2 will be indicated.

Go straight underneath the Heidebahn, here the slope will open up.

The wide slope will then continue diagonally to the right where, after about 600 metres it will split up.

Hold right where the 2 will turn into a narrower trail where some fun side hits can be found.

The slope will slowly make its way back to the left where it will reconnect with the Red 2a and open up again.

After the two have been reunited there is an opportunity to take a ski trail to the right, here some very cosy and hidden restaurants can be found.

When you stay on the 2, the slope continues it's long way down where it will eventually will split up again.

Head right to take the Gaislachalm T-bar back up halfway or head left to continue to the Blue 8 which will take you down to the valley or head back up with the Heidebahn lift.