One of the step, challenging black runs in Mott Canyon









One of the many steep trails in Mott Canyon with plenty of opportunities to find deep powder, get air off natural features, and generally scare yourself a little bit.

This is the furthest inbounds area in Mott to skiers left...stay as high as possible to the left and you can drop right into the lift line, or cut right at any time to weave through the trees and end up back under the lift.

Compared to the other runs in the Canyon, On Hold tends to be rockier and have less coverage, as it gets baked in the sun for most of the day.

To get here, enter any Mott gate and stay to skier's left...

the closer to six you start, the faster you'll be get to the run.

Like every trail in Mott Canyon, this run contains many obstacles and hazards and is best suited for expert skiers.