A run at the bottom of Milky Way Bowl that provides access to Mott Canyon and an easier return to the Dipper Express area









This run is a simply trail that allows you to exit the Milky Way Bowl.

On non-powder days, keep an eye out for rocks and other natural features that will let you get some small air; if you're lucky enough to be skiing powder, make sure to keep some speed up towards the bottom of the run to make for an easier return towards the Galaxy and Dipper Express lifts.

Jump into Dipper Woods, to skier's left, to enjoy some glade.

If you're an advanced or expert skier / boarder, look for red access gates to your right as you descend the run.

These gates, marked as "1" through "6", provide entry points to Mott Canyon, which offers some of the best steeps on the mountain.

If you're looking to get back to a lift with more variety, stay on the trail...

it will merge with Big Dipper and take you back to Galaxy and Big Dipper.