- Tight and challenging glades









- "Monument Glade" is located in the trees between "Rail Splitter" and "Burnout".

The best way to access the glade is to go towards "Sierra Grande" then stay skiers right and duck into the trees.

The trees are tight but have plenty of room for you to turn and generate speed.

As you drop in, to the skiers right, you will see what looks like a pile of rocks that are about 20 feet tall.

This is what's known as the Monument and can be hiked quickly for amazing photos of the surrounding scenery.

The "Monument Glade" is best skied after a snow storm but it's always fun to explore for hidden drops and jumps.

You may ski the glade all the way to the bottom or exist to the left or right which will get you on a trail back to the bottom of "Backside Express" to go back up and do it again.