The Heart of Northstar's Terrain Park Scene









Pinball is Northstar's primary terrain park area where medium to large features cover the wide USA-Blue slope.

You can access Pinball from going either left or right off Vista Express Lift and skiing back down the lift line.

The entrance to the terrain park is clearly marked with a large metal structure reading "Northstar Terrain Parks".

Immediately after this sign you will find two different feature lines.

To skiers left is the medium size line of features and to the right is the medium/large line.

Most of the top section of Pinball is directly under Vista Express chair lift so you can expect many skilled skiers and riders showing off tricks as well as those traveling up the lift cheering them on.

Half way down Pinball is where the large jump line is located.

Skiers can choose to hit the jumps or explore smaller features to skiers left of the jumps. The last third of Pinball is then again set up with park features where medium obstacles can be found on skiers left and medium/large obstacles are set up on skiers right.

Once you get to the end of Pinball you can choose to stay left and flow into "Lower Main Street" or keep right and flow into "Pipeline" where you can access the 18-foot half-pipe. Skiers can expect "Pinball" to be groomed regularly and have terrain park staff maintaining the take-offs and landings of features.

None of the features are mandatory and can be skied around.