A big, wide gladed area that connects the Milky Way Bowl with the Dipper area









Whether you've just exited the Milky Way Bowl and want to keep the tight turns going or you want to peel off the Milky Way or Skyline Trail runs, dip into the Dipper Woods for some fun, tight turns through a big gladed area.

As one of the largest gladed areas on the mountain, the Woods offer a variety of pitch and tree density, so if you don't like what you're seeing, just move a few feet in either direction.

Don't worry about making a wrong turn; no matter which way you head, you'll end up on the Milky Way, Meteor, or Big Dipper runs, all of which will points you towards the Dipper Express lift.

If you're feeling like Superman as you weave through the trees on the upper half of the run, cut to skier's right early enough and you can access the Mott Canyon gates.

In the early and late season, keep an eye out for spots with a shallower snow pack...

it can be easy to clip tree stumps that are poking out if there isn't a lot of snow.