A short green run down to the Boulder Lodge; the perfect spot for beginners









A mid-length beginner run, Boulder runs from the top of the Boulder Lift down to the Boulder Lodge and parking lot.

This is an excellent area for beginners, as it is a wide run with a shallow, consistent pitch that is entirely in the sun.

From the top, essentially the entire run is visible, which makes it less intimidating for first-time skiers / boarders.

If you're not a beginner, consider avoiding the area...

most of the skiers / boarders are moving slowly, so navigating the slope might be more difficult.

Additionally, the Boulder lift is super slow, so it's best to find another base area to enter/exit from.

While it's not common to see anyone skiing through fast, it can become crowded on busy weekend days.

Note that this run, just like everything else in the Boulder area, may not open until later in the season due to lower snow pack.