A long, rolling blue run with great views of the lake









This popular run starts at the very of the mountain but is an excellent option for beginner skiers looking to move into blues.

Exit to the right off of Sky Express (or Canyon Express) and enjoy the relatively wide, sweeping turns of this trail as it winds along the ridgeline that constitutes the westernmost boundary of the resort.

The views are incredible, and not just those facing the lake; a few hundred feet below the top, look for signs to skier's left that indicate a scenic viewpoint.

You'll be able to see distant Sierra peaks that aren't visible from anywhere else on the mountain.

Cut skier's right when you see signs for other blue and black trails; these will lead back to the bottom of the Sky chair.

Stay on the run a bit longer and you'll see the EpicMix race course to you left, marked clearly with lime green signage.

As you approach the flatter terrain towards the bottom, hang a hard left to descend a steep, semi-bumpy pitch that drops you off right at the bottom of the Canyon and Sky lifts.