A legendary traverse over all of Rondane's peaks above 2000 meters above sea level









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This is a long and demanding traverse over all the peaks in Rondane above 2000 meters which starts and finishes at Rondvassbu. You'll climb, in order of ascent: Veslesmeden, Storesmeden, Trolltind, Digerronden, Midtrondene, Høgronden, Rondeslottet, Vinjeronden and Storronden. Follow the marked trail from Rondvassbu to the summit of Veslesmeden.

From the summit follow the ridge to the southwest.

This is the most exposed section of the route, involving some easy scrambling.

The ridge leads up to Storesmeden. From Storesmeden continue to the west, descending to the col between Langholet and Kaldbekkbotn.

Continue to the west following the ridge.

Turn to the north and ascend to the summit at 1897 m.a.s.l.

From the lowest point between the 1897 summit and Trolltind, traverse to the west - passing three couloirs - then ascend the summit from the west. From the summit of Trolltind, descend the north ridge and join the marked trail on the east side of Langholvatnet.

Follow the trail to the north east alongside Dørålen.

When you come to Storflye head to the southeast.

Cross the river first, then the path and head up the west ridge of Digerronden.

When reaching the summit of Digerronden, follow the ridge to the east over Midtrondene and finally Høgronden.

From Høgronden head straight to the south down to Langlupdalen.

Cross the river at the bottom of the valley and follow the marked trail going up the east side of Rondeslottet.

This is the last big ascent of the day, so hang in there! From the summit of Rondeslottet continue to the south over Vinjeronden and descend to the col between Vinjeronden and Storronden.

Here you leave the trail and head straight up the north ridge of Storronden.

From the summit of Storronden follow the trail to the west and descend to Rondvassbu.

Congrats - you completed the marathon of Rondane!