Naturally pruned gladed skiing









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You know that last pitch you see coming up Crystal Ridge Express with burnt trees and small cliffs? That's Fraggle Rock.

It used to only be a locals secret before they put the chair right on top of it, but despite the increased traffic it's still a lot of fun.

What you can see from the chair is only 1/3 of what there actually is.

There are two options to access Fraggle Rock, which both give you a right, middle and left line to take.

Far left is the route you can see from the chair - less trees more rocks, ski it well as you're being watched from above.

The center option (there are actually a few) leads you to medium-tight gladed skiing.

There are not many options of where you turn, or where to go but you can end up on top of a couple of fairly large cliffs.

So if there's not tracks there already it's probably for a reason.

The right hand side of Fraggle Rock is slightly more open, but also a slightly shorter pitch, best accessed from the upper entrance.

All options lead to the Green Line where you can continue to other Crystal runs or head back towards Glacier Creek.

A couple of the middle and right lines keep you far enough right to pick up Arthur's Choice and Outer Limits if you want to continue gladed skiing.

Access from the top of Crystal Ridge Express; either by taking speed up and into the trees between the Green Line and Rock and Roll and a short bootpack/side step up to the top (high entrance) or heading to the left of that path, and darting in the trees on the right past a couple of warning signs.

Risk of trees wells - ALWAYS SKI TREES WITH A BUDDY