Combination of natural rollers, steep pitches and deep turns!









The longest and steepest of all the upper Lizard Bowl's intermediate runs, this trail offers a wide variety of terrain and a fantastic panoramic view of the town of Fernie and the Elk Valley.

Take the Great Bear Express Quad up to the top of the Lizard Bowl and exit to the left side.

Ski down the Lizard Traverse to its high point about midway across the Lizard Bowl, this is the start of Bow (52).

Drop into the mellow rolling glades that make up the top section of the run and keep your speed as you will need it to make it through this section, especially on a powder day.

The run will then cross the Tower 6 Trail (90) and become much steeper without any trees.

This is also the point of the run you can enter from the south side of the Lizard Bowl via the Currie Bowl or Polar Peak areas, although you will have to ski down one of the challenging saddles and chutes of the south ridge of the Lizard Bowl.

The run will continue down the center of the Lizard Bowl before crossing the Tower 6 Trail (90) again and mellowing out in it's pitch.

The final section is occasionally groomed and winds slightly to the left before merging with Dancer (50).