A fairly short, skiable chute - know where you're going!









FATMAP difficulty grade



Purple Haze is a fairly short but fun route which normally allows for only one or two ways of entering so make sure you can plan and deliver calculated turns.

Likewise it is for those who have to stand on the top of a cliff band working out the best and correct way to get in.

However, with a good steep pitch and normally pretty good snow, this is a great chute; wide enough to make 5-10 short turns before it opens back up to some single black mogul runs.

The line is accessed via Secret Bowl from the top of 7th Heaven Express or Horstman T-Bar.

To find Purple Haze, head towards the right hand side of cougar chutes, hugging the rocks and small trees on the right.

Once it's just trees creep/traverse through them and you'll find yourself on the edge of some more rocks.

Proceed with caution here as certain parts build a cornice depending on the snow/conditions of the year.

Scope out your entry from this point then drop in and enjoy! Make sure you're either going with someone who knows this route well, or if exploring alone go when there is good visibility.

Clouds often sits around this area and the light is often flat, making your crucial depth perception a challenge!