Yet another big Verbier line, with big exposure, often overlooked, not for the faint hearted.









FATMAP difficulty grade



An epic of a route, not for the faint hearted.

The initial part of the descent lies directly above a large cliff band, and would most defiantly fall into the “fall and die” category.

- Best attempted early in the morning as the south facing ascent slope gets cooked as the sun rises.

- The descent slope is north facing and largely shaded. - Crampons and ice axe useful - Take harnesses and crevasse rescue equipment including 2 x 30m ropes in the group just in case. Ascent - Take the lift up to the top of Mont Fort – set altimeter – 3308m - Ski down the main slope, traversing skiers right as high as possible to the col at the Refuge de Tortin (2993m) - Pass the refuge and continue onto the middle of the face as far as possible. - Attach crampons if required - Bootpack up to the col at 3020m - Head up the South West slope (ice axe useful at this point) to a gap just below the summit at 3190m Descent - You may have to cut away any cornice build up from the lip - The descent from the col is around 10 meters wide and 50 meters long and terminates at a cliff band – so take extra precaution as a fall here could be fatal. - Head down the slope to a ridge skiers right and into the adjacent bowl - Easy skiing down to the south end of the Lac de Cleuson dam