A short steep pitch and beginning of the World Cup Men's Downhill









Sunset Gully is a steep pitch that is best taken in one turn.

To reach this run take the Top of the World Express and take a left off the chairlift.

Head right towards Sunset Terrace and you will see the gully on your left-hand side.

This is also the start of the World Cup Men's Downhill.

In the beginning of the season, after the World Cup has been through, this run is water injected so it tends to be icy.

Select your line and pin it down into the valley below.

To the right into the left you may find patches of fresh snow and features to launch off of.

An exciting run that is best taken in one bite. To complete the entire men's downhill course meet up naturally with number 26 Tickety Chute.

The entire men's downhill course is described in run number one, Men's downhill.