A traditional Black Diamond and part of the World Cup Mens Downhill.









Tickety Chute is a great traditional black diamond run and part of the World Cup Men's Downhill at Lake Louise.

To reach this run exit out of Sunset gully and naturally to the right you will see the entrance marked by Black Diamond.

You can really rail turns in here and there are some nice undulating slopes that you can't see the bottom of as you rise over them creating an exciting run.

To team up with the Men's Downhill meet up with upper Wiwaxy and head right at the Black Diamond markings that will signal the entrance to the Men's Downhill.

Be sure to enjoy the view that includes Mount Temple (11,627 ft) and to the right Mount Fairview. This is a great run and is worth the effort to find.

The conditions of this run are almost always good as it sees little traffic and is maintained quite often since it is part of the Men's Downhill.

You can also meet up with the Top of the World Express by cutting it hard left pass Wiwaxy to the Whitehorn Track.