An open mountian face with great snow









This is a great run that can prepare you for the famous Super Steeps and riding the Summit Platter.

First you will have to find the Platter! Take the Glacier Express to the Top of the World Express and head hard right on to Sunset Terrace and into the bumps of Charlie's Choice.

Follow the Poma line until you find the entrance.

This is a button style Poma that can be difficult in bad conditions, but is effectively keeps beginners out of this mostly extreme area.

Once you are at the top of the Summit Platter take in the view from the Top of Whitehorn Mountain (8652 ft).

It's a truly spectacular sight.

Off the Front side you can view Fairweather Mountain and Mount Temple and on good days with the right angle view the hanging Victoria Glacier.

Over on the back you can view the Richadson Ridge which makes for an incredible Backcountry adventure.

Descend over the front side to the right and you are in the Outer Limits.

Descend this large face and beware of the fence marking the out of bounds area that is West Bowl.

The snow here is often great and wind transported.

You may find natural moguls, but on a good day this is as good as skiing gets.

Eventually you will meet back up with Charlies Choice where you can choose to pop back up or descend via upper Wiwaxy to the Village.