Extremely steep cliff zones for the most experienced backcountry users









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On the backside of the main Loveland Pass zone is some of the most extreme terrain in the area.

Steep 40+ degree slopes accompanied by large cliffs, mean high consequences if something were to go wrong.

Dropping in from the road is possible, and still well worth it as the terrain maintains its pitch down to the bottom of the valley.

From the ridgeline there are two main bowls lined with cliff bands that are accessible through several couloirs, and the south bowl is particularly riskier with its larger cliff bands.

After the first section of steep and open terrain, skiers and riders need to be aware of a second set of cliffs that begin around tree line.

If you dropped in off the road or early in the first bowl, sticking towards the right will allow you to navigate between all the mandatory air zones and also offers a number of smaller rock crops to drop off of.

Once entering the trees, be on the lookout for more rock bands and keep an eye out for the pass road that can come up quite fast.

There are not many users who enter this zone and no good spot to hitch from once arriving at the road so having a shuttle arranged would be ideal.