A nice Blue and the old start of the Mens Downhill









In the 1960s wrong turn was the beginning of the World Cup Men's Downhill run.

It sees considerably less action today.

Likely named for the fact that if you have missed it's brother Tight Turn then you have made a "wrong turn" and will not be able to make it back to the Summit Platter but rather you will meet up with the Upper Wiwaxy and down to the village below. To get a wrong turn head to the Top of the World Express.

Descend Homerun and keep on the high right ridge of the Grizzly Gully where you will meet up with wrong turn on Upper Wiwaxy.

Wrong turn is a nice blue good for intermediate riders with some nice trees on the side that often hold fresh powder.

The run will meet up with the Upper Wiwaxy again and lead you down to the lower Village.

To duplicate the old World Cup men's downhill run, once meeting up with Upper Wiwaxy take the right at the Black Diamond to meet up with the Men's Downhill.

Still in exhilarating ride.