Pow Pocket on Whitehorn.









This area can hold some fresh snow for a while.

It's relatively short but offers some nice turns.

Take the Glacier Express to the Top of the World Express and head hard right on to Sunset Terrace and into the bumps of Charlie's Choice.

Follow the Poma line until you find the entrance.

This is a button style Poma that can be difficult in bad conditions, but is effectively keeps beginners out of this mostly extreme area. Descend via the Blue Sunset run where you will see the pitch below you begin to steepen.

Enter the Sunset Pocket.

From here you can enjoy the view of Mt.

Temple and Mt Victoria behind.

The whole Front Side before you.

Once the grade mellow out you can either head right for the Summit Platter, or left to meet backup with the Top of the World Chair.

More a sweet spot then a destination, but the area does hold good snow.