Bootpackers extra pocket of snow.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Take Summit Chair Lift to the top and exit to your left.

Ski down towards "Solbright Trail." This is the run that brings you around Solitude into Brighton Resort and back into Solitude.

Before skiing onto Solbright Trail you will see a gate with red signs and a bunch of foot-tracks called a bootpack that goes up a ridge.

Take your skis off, put them on your backpack or carry them on your shoulder and walk up the bootpack.

The first part of this bootblack is very steep, so take it slow.

Once you gain some elevation will feel like you are on a ridge surrounded by trees.

The trees are old growth to Solitude and called Juniper Trees.

You might be able to find a Buddha inside a tree hole on your way up.

Rub his belly for good luck! Keep hiking on the ridge until you are on top of the mountain.

It will flatten out as you get higher, then it will gain a little bit of elevation and you will reach the top, then you will walk through some trees and you will see an opening and big meadow to ski.

Ski the meadow any way you like, but make sure to cut left to avoid an un-skieable cliff area to the right.

Once you come to the end of the run, you will run into a cat-track called, "Solbright Trail." Take Solbright Trail all the way back to the village of Solitude.