Open skiing to an awesome fast straightline









FATMAP difficulty grade



Kniel's is a two part line.

In the top, you get wide open skiing around widely spaced trees.

The lower part is a fast straightline that could have an air in the top.

The lower part of Kniel's can get sun baked, but it's usually really fun when the snow warms up.

The upper part mostly stays cold.

Get to the Skier's Traverse North from the Bridger hike, and drop in heading just a little left of fall line.

You will get about 500ft of great turns with options for little airs the whole way down.

The slope starts to mellow out a little ahead of a horizon, take a hard right.

This will take you to a South facing ramp just above the Kniel's pointer.

You can keep heading South if you want and get into lower Two Way.

You will be looking directly down Kniel's and from here it's straightforward.

Take a little air into the pointer, and hold on for another 30ft before you bust out into the wide open apron leading to the North Bowl Road.