One of the most aesthetic couloirs on this side of the mountain


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This couloir could be a nice introduction to steep skiing in a high mountain environment.

It is a wide couloir, not aggressively steep and has a beautiful view of Monte Rosa.

It's a great freeride line that gives an endless journey into these beautiful mountains.

The access to this line is not easy.

Locating the couloir is quite hard due to the fact that is hidden below a bowl.

In order to reach it you have to skin up towards Passo Bettolina, traverse down and again skin up a large valley heading for a rocky bar- it is really big and easily visible.

When you reach it you can take your skins off and start your descent.

keep to your left descending into a second bowl.

Here a second big rock bar will be on your left.

Without losing too much height head to where the rock bar enters a small bowl- this is the couloir entrance.

Once in the couloir be careful not to ski too much on your right because the snow cover on the rocks here is usually thinner.

Once the couloir ends you will reach the lower woods where Valle Perduta also ends.

Ski the woods until reaching the piste of Staffal staying on your right.