A great run, easy hike, fantastic views.









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Green River is a fine alternative to Rock Springs.

It is fairly mellow in steepness, and contains similar terrain (short pitches between benches with boulders, trees, small gullies, and cliffs in between).

You won’t find as many tracks as Rock Springs though, as the 5 minute hike is enough to deter the masses looking for the easy route.

Green River is situated between Rock Springs Canyon and Four Pines ridge.

To get here, use the backcountry gate at the bottom of Rendezvous Bowl (on the skier’s right).

Pass through the gate and follow the alleyway through the trees south.

Continue south as the pitch rolls over into a short run leading to a bench in the canyon.

Traverse the bench to the south end of Rock Springs Canyon and look for the start of a bootpack through the trees.

Take the short boot pack up the ridge and, click in at the top.

You can drop in here, or follow tracks to contouring to the skier’s right which will take you to the bottom of the Four Pines Bootpack and drop in to the east from there.

There is no standard route through Green River.

There are a few large cliffs peppered throughout the area but no major traps to watch out for.

Ski slowly assessing the terrain as you go, especially until you are acquainted with the area.

Watch for skiers and snow moving fast out of Four Pines which will be on your skier’s right as you descend.

Towards the bottom, you will weave your way into the same basin Rock Springs terminates in, and from here you can hop onto the traverse bringing you back to the resort.