Mellow cat track descending down the easiest route down the Timber Bowl









Descending down from the Lost Boy Pass 100% (100) is a mellow cat track that leads to a number of different options in the Timber Bowl.

Take the Timber Bowl Express Quad up to the top of the Timber Bowl exiting to the right.

This is the start of 100% (100) a wide cat track that takes you down the middle of the Timber Bowl.

For a direct route down to the White Pass Quad you may ski down the first initial pitch before turning right down the challenging Puff (5) or at the next right down the steep groomer Heartland (7).

Another option is to instead continue along the cat track until it merges with the lower section of Highline (14) which will wrap around to the base of the White Pass Quad.

If you instead wish to ski down to the base you may instead traverse across Highline (14) at the end of 100%(100) to the start of Summer Road (44) which is the continuation of the cat track when it crosses Highline (14).

This is the easiest route down to the base from this section of the mountain.