Hard to reach but worth the time.









Pair-a-chutes are a pair of chutes on the far skier’s left of the cirque or skier’s right of the Headwall and Coombs’ Run.

To access the chutes, traverse as far as you can to the skier’s left along the Cirque traverse (you may have to sidestep) until you reach the top of the cliff area.

From here you will be presented with three options: a shorter less demanding chute on the skier’s right, a long more committing chute on the skier’s left, or trapped above large cliffs.

Because of the third option, it is of upmost importance to slowly work your way into either chute, making sure you are in the right place.

It will also help to scope the lines from across the way, like on the Thunder Lift (a picture you can revisit will go a long ways once you’re up above the lines trying to find the entrances).

These chutes should really be double black diamonds due to the challenge in reaching them safely.