Left option of the two hidden Window Chutes









Window Chute #1 (49b) is a steep narrow creek bed that features some excellent tree skiing down the steeper option of the two Window Chutes (49 b or 49c).

You may access this run from three separate entries, either from a well defined ski track veering off to the right of the start of Freeway (48) as indicated on the trail map or through a section of tight glades to the left of Decline (34) about a third of the way down.

Even tighter trees can be negotiated from Easter East (49a) but this is the most difficult access point for the start of the Window Chutes (49b or 49c).

The start of the run is a wide gully that is much more open than the glades before it.

As the gully begins to descend to a steeper section it separates into two different drainage paths, one going directly down a narrow creek bed, WIndow Chute #1 (49c), and another wider chute to the right, Window Chute #2(49b).

Ski down into the creek bed to the left and this is the start of the Window Chute #1(49c).

This run has less trees in it yet is narrower and steeper than it's neighbor Window Chute #2 (49c).

In the spring time this run is best avoided as the melting snow will often drain down the creek here creating a runoff that flows right down the middle of the creek bed!