A Black that descends past the Top of the World









Kernahan's or is it was known in the past, Kernahan's Folly is a run that is fairly open but offers tree opportunities.

To get there, head to the Top of the World Express and head down either Homerun for the Sunset Gully.

Head the ridge on the right of Grizzly Bowl and continue right until you see the old Porma Station and to the right of this is Kernahan's.

A traditional black in the center, but this is a tree'd area so there are options on your right on your left.

You will pop out at the Whitehorn Track where you can either walk to the Top of the World Express, because this is a fairly flat section, or continue down a bit further to the upper Wiwaxy, meeting up with the Men's Downhill and other options in the area.

This will bring you back to the main village where you can either had at the Grizzly Express or the or the Glacier Express.