A gentle Green from the top of the Gondola









Eagle Meadows is the first run you see when you exit the gondola on the front side.

This run is the easiest way to get down the mountain for beginners on this massive mountain.

From the gondola proceed to the Green run in front of you.

The view from the top is amazing with the Bow Valley stretching in front of you.

Temple Mountain is on your left with Mt Victoria behind amount Fairview to the right.

This run takes long gentle turns to the left and right eventually bringing you to the mid Mountain Junction where you can either either meet up with Wiwaxy, Juniper or Cameron's Way to make for an exciting top to bottom run.

You end up at the village where you can either take the Grizzly Express Gondola or the Glacier Express to meet up with the Top of the World.

A great run to get to used to the front side of Lake Louise.

Great for morning warm-up laps and for beginners.