Long gully that leads back to Top of the World Express









Grizzly Gully will naturally lead you back to the Top of the World Express.

Its high walls and inspiring views make for a great intermediate run.

To get there, head to the Top of the World Express and take either Homerun or the Sunset Chute to enter the valley below which will naturally fall into the Grizzly Gully on the left-hand side.

The great part about this gully is that you can choose to either ride the walls of the Grizzly Bowl or the Steep and Flat and naturally and out at the Top of the World Express.

Follow the gully down to the platform or too the chairlift itself.

From the observation point you have a great view of Mount Temple on your right at 11,627 ft and Mt Victoria behind us at 11,365 ft, to the right is Mt.

Fairview and the Lake Louise area.

Looking to the right you can often see a beautiful mist trailing through the valley or a wide-open view into the BC border.

Take the Top of the World express up for more laps or you can choose to descend back to the main village.

This area can see some small moguls when there is a snow drought but often holds good snow for most of the season.