The Blue Run that will bring you back to Top of the World









This is a nice blue cruiser that brings you from the Top of the World to the Grizzly Gully and then back to the chairlift.

It's easy to scope of this line while you ascend the chairlift, you will see and elbowed cat track and the obvious route that would lead into the gully.

From the Top of the World Chairlift had left and find the sign noting the entrance to the run.

At first you will be on a cat track above some shale, you will take a right turn and enter Homerun proper.

You can choose to either follow the run or to explore, as this area is quite open.

If you head right and follow the draw you end up in the Grizzly Gully and back to the Top of the World Chairlift.

If you had left after the first bend and over the hills you will find some nice trees and usually some fresh powder.

Take a right and choose your line to descend back into the Grizzly Gully and to find the Top of the World Chair.

This is a great run for intermediates and advanced riders alike, giving riders a good idea of what's available in the Top of the World area.