A bump run that descends next to the summit platter









This run is full of small bumps and descends next to the Summit Platter.

First you will have to find the Platter! Take the Glacier Express to the Top of the World Express and head hard right on to Sunset Terrace and into the bumps of Charlie's Choice.

Follow the Poma line until you find the entrance.

This is a button style Poma that can be difficult in bad conditions, but is effectively keeps beginners out of this mostly extreme area. There are 2 ways to find this run..

This first way is falling of the Platter! It's a difficult journey up and often you will see skiers and snowboarders fall off midway up and have to descend via the Headwall to reach the platter again.

If you actually intended to ride the Headwall, reach the summit via the Poma and descend just right of the lift line and you will have a good bump run ahead of you.

You can also head into the trees for some additional tree glades that will pop you out at the Summit Platter or continue down the Wiwaxy area to the lodge.

The area can be a bit icy as it sees the most traffic on the front of the platter.