An amazing Blue Bowl









Enough good things can't be said about the Saddleback Bowl.

It's not a huge area, but the sunshine it Is usually out in the area is large and open to explore.

Take the Top of the World Express and head left towards the Green Saddleback run.

On the right side you will see the bowl open up and you can drop in at any point.

If there hasn't been fresh snow in a while there can be moguls on this run, but often you will find some good back bowl powder.

Once you descend to the natural end of the bowl you will see a cat track and on the the right hand side is the entrance to Wounded Knee, a Great Double Diamond run.

You will meet backup with the main Saddleback run that will bring you back down to the Cat Track and the Paradise Chair, or if you continue down further the Larch and Ptarmigan Chairs.

A great Blue Run with a traditional bowl feeling.