Steep gladed chutes descending down from the Siberia Ridge to the White Pass Quad!









Widely spaced trees sprinkled through some short steep chutes that ends at the base of the White Pass Quad.

Take the Timber Bowl Express Quad up to the top of the Timber Bowl and exit on the left.

Hike up to the top of the Siberia Ridge (3) and at it's high point put your skis back on.

Ski down the cat track to the first low section, here there should be two trail-head signs on each side of the ridge, on the south side there will be the entrance to Mar's Run (108) while on the north will be the start of the Mitchy Chute's (8).

Drop into the Mitchy Chutes (8) here as the evenly spaced glades sprinkle the short steep chutes.

Ski to the left for a more open route to the midpoint of Big Bang or head through the tighter section to the left.

Here there will be tight tree bands at the end of the run, do not try and ski through them as they are blocking small cliff bands at the bottom of the run.

The run ends at the base of the White Pass Quad, giving you the option to ride it up or ski down to the base of the mountain via Deep Sea (11).