Steep run that descends through some of the tightest trees on the hill!









Probably the tightest glades on the mountain this run can be very rewarding to those who are brave enough to venture into the steep run.

There is a number of different ways to access this run, from either the Timber or Currie Bowls.

To get there immediately you can take the Timber Bowl Express Quad up to the top of the Timber Bowl exiting to the right.

Ski down the cat tracks 100% (100) to Summer Road (44), traversing left into the Currie Bowl.

Cross the Trespass Trail (20) and your at the top of the Bootleg Glades (23) .

To access the run from the Currie Bowl you will have to take the White Pass Quad up to the top of the bowl and can ski down either 123's (92), Down Right (18), or Currie Powder (19) to the top of the run.

Try to get here quickly as the snow is often skied out quickly through the steep lines and on days that conditions are bad this may be an area to avoid all together.

On a pwder day though this run will give you a thrill that only kootnenay moonshine could match!