A circular trail running route that goes all the way around Monte Nuvolau: a wonderful circuit starting from the Giau Pass and providing exceptional views of the Dolomites and reaching four traditional mountain lodges.


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A trail running route that calls for good fitness, entirely encircling Monte Nuvolau: starting from the Giau Pass and skirting Cinque Torri, it also provides views over Mount Marmolada, the Val Fiorentina valley and Col di Lana. From Cortina, head towards Pocol and then take the road towards the Giau Pass, where you will find a large car park.

From the Giau Pass, take track n° 443 which will take you along the eastern flank of Gusela del Nuvolau, until you reach the mountain lodge Rifugio 5 Torri.

The route is fairly flat in the first section, considering that it starts already at a fair height, but the final section before reaching the distinctive mountain lodge Rifugio 5 Torri is notable for its steep zig-zags climbing upwards. From the mountain lodge Rifugio 5 Torri, continue upwards along the dirt road towards the Rifugio Scoiattoli lodge, where you can admire panoramic views of the Cinque Torri peaks and the majestic mountain Tofana di Rozes.

From there, carry on along track n° 439 until you reach the mountain lodge Rifugio Averau, on the like-named saddle at 2,416 m.

There is an incredible view from the mountain lodge’s terrace, because on one side, from high above you can admire peaks including Cinque Torri and even Lastoi de Formin, Croda da Lago and Rocchette far in the distance, as well as glimpses of the Ampezzo Valley; on the other side you can see the mountains Marmolada, Col di Lana and Colle Santa Lucia.

Along the route you will enjoy superb vistas of the Dolomites, which are so unique that they make the entire trail unmissable for everyone. From Mount Averau, take track n° 464 that takes you to the other side, so that you continue along the opposite slopes of mount Nuvolau.

Carry on until you reach the intersection with track n° 452 and follow this, which completes the circuit and brings you back to the Giau Pass.

This final stretch is initially under Mount Nuvolau and has some steep, rocky sections, while the second part runs gently downhill along the slope and ends amongst the flat green pastures of the Giau Pass. Variants When you have reached the mountain lodge Rifugio Averau, continue on track n° 439 until you reach the Rifugio Nuvolau lodge, the first such structure to have been built in the Ampezzo valley, in 1883, on the summit at a height of 2,575 m.

From here you have one of the most panoramic views of the Dolomites, because you are looking directly onto some of the most iconic peaks of Cortina and its surroundings.