Run along the new fantastic itinerary that opens the Lavaredo Ultra Trail.


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From the centre of Cortina, take the Dolomites Cycle Path towards Dobbiaco and carry on for a few kilometres towards Fiames.

Shortly before reaching the Fiames sports centre, take track n° 218 which will bring you to the foot of Mount Pomagagnon, along an uphill path, with stretches running through the forest.

Once you have reached the foothills of the imposing Mount Pomagagnon, stay on the track towards Mount Cristallo, then take track n° 211.

Stay on this and then take track n° 204 which will take you up a series of steep zig-zags, right up to the top of the panoramic gully, Forcella Zumeles.

From here you will have fine views of the entire Ampezzo valley, within a 360° setting formed by some of the finest peaks in the Dolomites. From here, bear right on track n° 205 towards the Cristallo skiing pistes.

On your left you will enjoy the sight of the majestic Mount Cristallo.

From here, begin the descent, initially along the winter skiing piste and then for a stretch in the forest, on track n° 206 towards El Brite de Larieto.

Once you have reached the rural hospitality venue, hike on within the enchanting Larieto larch forest until you reach the Rifugio Mietres mountain lodge, from which you will once again be able to admire the enchanting views of the Ampezzo valley and Mount Pomagagnon.

Continue the descent on track n° 204 towards Col Tondo-Chiamulera-Guargnè until you return to the Dolomites Cycle Path.

From here, in just a few minutes you will be back in the centre of Cortina.