Classic wide couloir of the Aravis









FATMAP difficulty grade



This Aravis Classic can be accessed in 10 minutes from the top of the Col de Balme lift.

Traverse to the skier's right under the chair lift dropping about 50m and continue across the face trying to keep height.

After 150m you will meet a band of rocks where you will need to boot pack up to keep height on the same traverse.

Continue on the traverse then boot pack the last 20m to the pass and start of the descent.

The first 200m can get tracked quickly, as you must keep left as there is a large cliff on the right hand side.

After exiting this section, traverse hard right and keep height.

There will be a second knoll that needs to be traversed before the descent properly begins.

Keep right and take care of the cliff band about two thirds of the way down.

As the ride comes to an end, head left to an out crop of trees next to the lake.

Walk out along the road which passes Le Chalet du Lac restaurant, continue for 50m and turn left (as the road drops down to the right).

Arrive at a small ridge where it is possible to drop back to the lift system.