Nice easy descent until Lengau









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Beautiful, easy route from Seekar bar lift to Lengau.

First, there are 100m on open pastures, then through open forest and later a bit bumpy when there isn't much snow.

Directly at the end of the descent, there is a bus stop. After the ascent to the Seekar drag lift, head to the right and move to the back of the saddle (1998m).

Depart easily keeping to the right, where you head over hilly pastureland.

At about 1700m, you reach a forest road, which you follow right.

Then there is a deeply incised stream, which can be overcome easily.

On the next clearing, there is a switchback forest road, which can be cut to meet it at about 1630m. At about 1600m, you ride on the road between a small cottage and a pond, before you get into a steeper part to the left.

Stay on the right of the deep trench.

At the end of it, at around 1440m, depart through the forest to meet again on the pastures at the Zehetner-Hochalm hut.

On this meadow, keep to the right again and cross two small trenches to reach about 1320m to a forest road on the valley floor.

The bridge you can cross lies to the left.

Follow the forest road on the east side of the stream out of the valley.

Then it leads back a few meters uphill.

Here do not take the tempting downhill leading left path! After a few 100 meters the wide forest road becomes narrower and the trail continues through the forest downhill.

After a bend, it opens at about 1200m onto a flat clearing.

On this, keep to the right, and then over a wooden bridge over the stream.

Directly at this bridge is a bus stop.

From here you can go by bus back to the Hochalmbahnen Ski Resort.