A loop pairing the AT Approach Trail and East Ridge Trail to Georgia's tallest waterfall.


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What this hike lacks in length, it makes up for in elevation and immense beauty.

Nearly 2 miles total, the Amicalola Falls Loop is a must-do hike and a great day trip for anyone in Atlanta. Starting at the Visitor Center, the hike follows the East Ridge Trail to the top of the massive 700'+ waterfall, where you'll be welcomed with phenomenal views of the largest waterfall in Georgia.

The return trip follows a series of stairs and bridges as it descends along the waterfall on the official A.T.

Approach Trail - an alternative way to begin the 2,200 mile hike instead of driving to Springer Mountain. Popular year round, atlantatrails.com suggests "the waterfall is particularly beautiful in autumn, framed against a vibrant backdrop of fall leaves, when the surrounding trees explode into vibrant autumn color." Locals affectionately refer to it as "leaf season" and a quick Google search will yield the most up-to-date information on its timing each year. This hike is difficult by most standards due to the elevation gain.

That said, being short in length, it is still great for the entire family, even the dog! Between the beautiful hardwood forest and the waterfall, you'll have plenty of opportunities for photos along the way. https://www.atlantatrails.com/hiking-trails/tumbling-waters-hiking-amicalola-falls/