Short and steep section with trees and woods, fun in bad weather.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This route is a good addition to the runs on the east side, when you want to go back to the bottom of the valley or if the weather conditions aren't that good.

Take the 8er Jet to the top and follow piste number 13, past the 2000er chairlift bottom station, here the piste turns more to the left, follow it for 200 more metres.

There is a wide open slope appearing on the left side, ski into it, before the red piste here gets steeper.

At the beginning of the slope you have some steep small couloirs with some trees around here at the top.

It's better to stay more on the right side here, because there it's easier to get down these couloirs.

After them you find a steep slope with a 250 metre descent.

There are some small rocks about 2 metres high on the slope, here you can take every single one if you choose to.

Try to gain some speed at the end and follow the tracks back to the piste number 14, to go back to 8er Jet or to do some runs at the Pfaffenbühel T-Bar.

This route is a good one for days with bad vis, when it's a little secret spot.